Gold Of My Own

Soul infused with Jazz and Hip-Hop





Gold Of My Own started as a casual collaboration between Vanessa Freeman and Chris Pedley over 15 years ago. Two budding young talents created this fresh and infectious collection of tunes before inadvertently being forced to shelve it when the music business took them in different directions. Since having gained international recognition in their own right, time is now right to release the idea of Gold Of My Own. The compositions have now been reawakened and mastered to become their debut album Mondo Romance.

Vanessa performs and records within the Nu-Jazz and Broken Beat scenes and has worked with artists such as Mr Scruff, Azymuth and Herbie Hancock. Her work with Reel People, The Baker Brothers and The Kyoto Jazz Massive has taken her on tours around the globe.

Chris Pedley founded funk titans The Baker Brothers who continue to be a driving force on the funk and soul scene. Their 2014 release has been well received by fans and continues to keep him busy. Chris's production highlights include credits on Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, a Ubiquity Records release earlier this year and much of The Baker Brothers back catalogue.

The Baker Brothers are: Chris Pedleys (instruments & production) Vanessa Freeman (Vocals)